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Hi – Happy Friday!  

I’ve been mega busy over the last few months working on giving my studio a proper little glow up.  When I started making my soy wax candles back in March last year, it was in my tiny tiny kitchen (cute fridge though, right?) and it was only a matter of time before my husband started divorce proceedings due to me getting wax EVERYWHERE and on everything.  

My tiny tiny kitchen!

After weeks of trying to find a solution and scoping out potential studios, I stumbled across The John Marley Centre.  It’s the most stunning art deco building which used to be an old school. I instantly fell in love and it’s full of artist studios and other like-minded creatives (I felt like I’d come home!). This is the perfect place for me to make my vegan candles and not bother anybody!

I officially took the leap and got the keys on 9th July last year. I’ve never looked back and it’s been a slow and steady race trying to get it to where it is now. Below you will see what it looked like when I moved in, but scroll down to see what I’ve done with the place! ❤️  

The first week I moved in


I now have a gorgeous space to make my candles, pack all your lovely orders and sit and do my admin (and there’s A LOT of it to be done – those markets don’t organise themselves, sadly!) 

You’re now able to pop to my studio by appointment to come see the candles and in the coming months I’m looking forward to having open nights and making the most of the gorgeous common room – think of an evening with all your favourite candles, some fizz and some music, and you’re on the right track. 

John Marley Centre – Common Room

Keep an eye out for Henry – the office pooch is usually sniffing about somewhere….

I’m so so lucky to have my own space, and it wouldn’t be possible without you lovely lot. SO thank you for all your ongoing support. It really does mean the world to me.  If you;’d like to make an appointment to drop by and sample my candles please use the contact form.

Have a great weekend!  

Ash xoxo 

Our best-selling candle…

We now do wax melts!

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