Jar Reuse – Time To Save!

My regular customers will probably already know that I take my impact on the environment very seriously. My candles are made with soy wax which is more sustainable than paraffin, all packaging is made with materials that have already been recycled, but I’ve struggled to work out what to do with the used candle jars – until now.

I’ve now worked out how to fully clean the jars to be reused again – and I need your help 👀.

Reusing the jars over and over again to make new candles will significantly reduce the need to order more jars which will help carbon emissions, and reduce the amount of glass going in the bin or to the recycling plant (which has a negative environmental impact). 🌎

So – bring me your jars! As an incentive every time you bring back your used candle jar to my studio or market stall you’ll get £2 off your next candle*

  • Directly to us via our market stall or studio (not via a third party retailer).
  • Not in conjunction with any other offers.

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