A Unique easter gift – Peppermint & Dark chocolate soy wax candle

Soy Wax Candles UK

Bright mornings and light nights are pretty much here, which makes us excited for the time of year where it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, EASTER!.

We couldn’t think of a better time to replicate those sweet smells with a new limited edition candle. And here it is: Peppermint & Dark Chocolate.

This is the perfect Easter gift for yourself or a loved one. We’ve been tinkering with the scents and sent a sample to our mam (well, it has just been Mother’s Day!) and she hit the nail on the head…

“It’s like getting all the fun of the chocolate…without the calories!”

This scent will absolutely fill your home with decadent sweetness mixed with the fresh tones of peppermint. You’ll easily be able to trick people into thinking you’ve been busy baking all day!

If you’re sending your candle as a gift, why not add a personalised printed message? The message will be printed and put in the gift wrapped box so they won’t know who it’s from until they open the parcel – surprise!