Plastic-Free Wax Melts

We all love burning wax melts at home to give us that delightful sense of serenity.

But, a lot of wax melts you buy online are draped in heaps of plastic, not to mention the paraffin wax they are made from, which comes from crude oil – yuck!

Behold! Our wax melts are made with100% natural soy wax, and WE DON’T USE ANY PLASTIC in the creation of these lovely melt bars.

In fact, some of the melts are made using leftover wax from making candles – WE HATE WASTE! And the labels and packaging are made from recycled materials, which again can be recycled and reduce our impact on the environment – yay!

So rest assured these melts are super-sustainable, and you can choose 4 different scents to suit your mood.