School’s Out For Summer

We all know it’s been a strange couple of “school years”, so why not use the end of the school term to get the perfect gift to say thank you, teacher!

We’ve taken the stress out of remembering to say “thank you” to your little one’s teacher by including a FREE personalised note. You can choose from 4 individual designs and tell us the teacher’s name and we’ll pop it in the box of your chosen candle. Oh, and did we mention we gift wrap each of our candles as standard? You can thank us later!

Here Comes The Sun

Hi! I hope you’re managing to enjoy some of this wonderful sunshine we’ve been getting (here in Newcastle anyway!).
You might have seen on our social media that we’ve got a new summer capsule, which has just launched on our website this week. So, come meet the gang…

Sicilian Lemon – a remarkably fresh and sweet scent that encapsulates the scent of summer – Large G&T, anyone?

Sicilian Lemon Scented Candle
Sicilian Lemon Scented Candle

Green Fig & Berries – a fruity decadent fragrance that burns to create a subtle blend of figs and various berries.

Fig & Red Berries Scented Candle
Green Fig & Berries Scented Candle

Coconut – our summer range wouldn’t be complete without this classic scent that reminds us of visits to the beach, or relaxing around a pool with a Pina Colada in hand. 

Coconut Scented Candle
Coconut Scented Candle

Check out our Summer Scents gift set, containing all three scents in this beautiful gift box. This is a great gift or a lovely little treat for yourself.

Summer Scented Candles
Summer Scented Candles

Believe The Hype

Well, it’s been 2 months since we launched Hot Wax Newcastle and we have been blown away by the response from our customers.

When we sold out of Oriental Lime & Mango last week we realised how crazy the demand has been. The response has been over-whelming. Check out just some of the amazing reviews we’ve received so far…

Just to say thank you so much for the fabulous candles. Also the super quick delivery!


I have been burning my candle for the last hour and can honestly say the whole of my house smells delightful.


Delighted with my Hot Wax candles. Handmade locally, beautifully packaged and delivered. The most amazing scents.

I’ve just received my order of 3 candle. I have only opened 1 of them as 2 are for a present. The eucalyptus & rosemary smells gorgeous and they look great too. I’m very happy and will be ordering more.


Oh my days, last night I lit my new candle from Hot Wax Newcastle. I can’t recommend the peppermint & chocolate enough, especially if you’re on a diet. The aroma is more than enough to cure your chocolate fix.


Thanks so much for my candle – I love it. The packaging was amazing and I could smell it before I even opened the box. Will def be ordering more thanks again xxx


Great communication, accurate shipping. The candle is amazing, smelt great before I had even lit it. Highly recommended.


Thank you for my delivery – it’s gorgeous!


My candles have just arrived  and omg I can smell smell them already and they’re not out of the box😍


I love it, smells gorgeous. Lovely product and you’re so lovely.


New Product Launch – Wedding Favours

We’re excited to introduce to you our luxury Candle Wedding Favours. Wedding season is certainly ramping up now after 2020 and we were thrilled to be asked to supply the favours for a wedding in September. We’ve been having a play and they’re honestly the cutest thing.

I got married back in 2017 (where has nearly 4 years gone?!) and as any bride and groom knows (mine no much, he thankfully knew to let me just take the reins) it really is the small details which make your big day. Our 60cl candles are the perfect addition to your day and a gorgeous reminder for your guests.

Read our dedicated Wedding Favour page to find out more and order a sample pack.

Ash xoxo

Trust The Science – by Stephen J. Mordue

Trust the science – that’s what I always say! A study conducted at Northumbria University told us what I feel we intuitively know – aroma has an impact on us. More specifically smelling essential oils can affect our mood! The study showed that the smell of lavender and rosemary both improved contentedness. Now I don’t know about you, but I like to feel content.

Delving further into the science tells me that this may be caused by something called the hedonic valence mechanism. Basically, does the experience of something make us feel good or bad or how much pleasure or displeasure do we experience when doing the thing we’re doing. Our mood is shaped as a result of this mechanism. We smell something nice we feel good. Simple. 

And mood is so important. 

Our mood shapes how we are feeling and how we are feeling drives our motivation to do whatever it is we are trying to do. The better the mood we are in the more positive our world view.

Self-care is so important in shaping our mood both in the moment when we are self-caring and when we have reengaged with whatever tasks are required of us. When we move our attention away from outward cognition to a more inward focus we activate a part of our brain called the default mode network. This is a series of interconnected parts of our brain that get to work on making sense of everything we have seen and done while we have been outwardly focussed. Have you ever had one of those moments when a solution to a problem just comes to you when you weren’t even consciously thinking about it? That’s your default mode network! The more we rest the more complex our default mode network becomes and the more complex it becomes the more our capacity for self-awareness is enhanced. And the more self-aware you are the better you are able to navigate your way through life.

But, like most people, being able to switch off to the external world and relax can prove challenging for many of us… and in steps self-care in the form of aroma and such things as smelly candles. I love candles and I love fragrant ones even more.

I’ve been burning one of Hot Wax’s range of hand-poured, plant-based creations. Specifically, the Eucalyptus and Rosemary one. So, I’m experiencing that contentedness from the Rosemary that the Northumbria University study discovered and that is helping me relax more. Add into that the Eucalyptus, renowned for its ability to relieve mental exhaustion and rejuvenate the human spirit, and it’s a win-win situation.

So, trust the science. Buy a candle and drift away. Make it part of your regular self-care strategy. Small changes of a period of time create big results.

Stephen J. Mordue writes and talks about how self-care is a strategy to promote both well-being and productivity. You can find more of his stuff at

You asked, we listened. The Gift set is here

Hi you!

We hope you’re managing to enjoy this long Easter weekend and indulging in a bit of time for yourself (in the sunshine if you’re lucky enough to have some!)

We’d love to introduce you to our new candle gift set which we’ve just launched following some feedback we’ve received.

Can’t decide on which of signature scents to go for?

We’ve made it easier for you and created our gorgeous signature scents gift set. Each gift set contains the following candles:

1 x 180cl Aloe & Cucumber 1 x 180cl Oriental lime & mango 1 x 180cl Eucalyptus & Rosemary

The gift set it beautifully gift wrapped as standard and these little jars of joy make the most beautiful addition to any space.

All Hot Wax candles are plant -based (so non of those nasties – yuck!) and hand-poured in small batches in our studio in Newcastle upon Tyne. We offer free nationwide postage on all orders of £35 and over and free delivery on selected postcodes close to our studio.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Ash xox

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Helen Ince yoga

Yoga is something which I’ve very recently started practising on a more regular basis and I really love it.  

Pre- pandemic, I dabbled in Yoga.  The odd half day course here and drop in class there, but if I’m really honest I didn’t think it was as beneficial to me as say a spin class or a bit of time in the gym.  Oh how wrong was I.  I’ve always worked full time and been really busy (who isn’t!) so my down time was precious and I’m never one to turn down an invite to go out… anywhere really.  I’m something of a social butterfly, or was, when we could be!  

Anyway, back to Yoga.  The benefits I personally get from it are amazing.  The breathing, the mindfulness and the “me time” has become something I really love and I don’t see me giving it up any time soon.  The strength, flexibility and overall fitness element is an added bonus.  Don’t get me wrong, cardio and strength training are still important and still something which I do regularly (Cheers, Joe Wickes!) but I now make sure Yoga is something I incorporate into my weekly routine.   

I’ve been practising consistently for near enough 3 months now and it’s with the brilliant Helen Ince, who teaches (from her gorgeous apartment in Spain – I’m jealous!) several times a week and at convenient UK times.  You’ll find me at the 06:00 Ashtanga class on a Wednesday morning. (yes, 06:00 IN THE MORNING!) it’s by far my favourite class and I even crawl out of bed on my day’s off for this beauty! Helen’s guidance and help is second to none, she also has the patience of a saint.  You definitely don’t feel like you’re on a Zoom call. 

Most of Helen’s classes are recorded (except the weekend ones) which is just ace for when you can’t make a live class.

You can choose to pop in and pay as you go for the classes, pay for a bundle or an unlimited pass (I go for the unlimited pass which lets me jump in and out which works around my job).  Helen also does a free community class at the end of each month and it’s very much about relaxation and taking some time for you.  They’re great.  

I’ve popped the link to the zoom below and it’d lovely if you fancied jumping on and joining in.  Don’t worry, absolute beginners (like me!) can join in and follow along without feeling like a wolly (if anything, you’ll learn to laugh at yourself when you work out how terrible your balance is – and a good laugh is great for the soul!)  It’s also a lovely excuse to just chill out and switch off. 

If you want more information drop Helen an email – and go give her a follow on Insta @heleninceyoga

Free community class: Sunday 28th March, 10:00 a.m – 11.15 a.m. (GMT)

Meeting ID: 817 0622 6157  

Passcode: 091360  

Ash xoxo

Hot Wax Newcastle

Gift Wrapped PResents For Her

Hands up – who’s good at wrapping presents? If your hand is up please leave the room.

For the rest of us, wrapping presents is a flippin’ nightmare, and no matter how hard we try it looks like the efforts of a chimpanzee.

But fear not, here at Hot Wax Newcastle we have your back. All our soy wax candles come professionally gift-wrapped, and hey, we don’t mind if you take the credit!

So, if you need a quick fix birthday present or a a gift to say ‘thank you’, then head to our shop ASAP.

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A Unique easter gift – Peppermint & Dark chocolate soy wax candle

Bright mornings and light nights are pretty much here, which makes us excited for the time of year where it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, EASTER!.

We couldn’t think of a better time to replicate those sweet smells with a new limited edition candle. And here it is: Peppermint & Dark Chocolate.

This is the perfect Easter gift for yourself or a loved one. We’ve been tinkering with the scents and sent a sample to our mam (well, it has just been Mother’s Day!) and she hit the nail on the head…

“It’s like getting all the fun of the chocolate…without the calories!”

This scent will absolutely fill your home with decadent sweetness mixed with the fresh tones of peppermint. You’ll easily be able to trick people into thinking you’ve been busy baking all day!

If you’re sending your candle as a gift, why not add a personalised printed message? The message will be printed and put in the gift wrapped box so they won’t know who it’s from until they open the parcel – surprise!

Meet the team: ash

Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m Ash and I’m the chief (only!) candle maker behind Hot Wax Newcastle. Here’s a bit about me:

🖤I’m originally from Leeds but I’ve nearly lived in Newcastle longer than I ever did Leeds (that’s a scary realisation!).

🖤The Tyne Bridge stole my heart the first time I saw it, and it still does.

🖤I’ve been married to my Geordie for nearly 4 years.

🖤I have an 11 year old Yorkshire Terror, Henry.

🖤I’m unapologetically obsessed with sequins and neon pink lipstick.

🖤It’s a running joke amongst friends that I’m home from a night out by 9pm with a Chinese in tow.

🖤San Francisco is the craziest place I’ve ever visited & I can’t wait to go back.

🖤I just love a freezing cold pint of Camden Hells lager & a large cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

🖤I NEVER finish a cup of coffee.